Everything WILL work out - Keep GOING!!


First off, allow me to say....

I'm back!! *yaaayyy!!*

Life has been throwing some wrenches into my plans lately, but this has been teaching me some VERY valuable lessons!! I'm so excited to be getting back into my groove and ROCKING it out again!! <3

Now onto the topic at hand, which has been REALLY solidifying my resolve and inspiring me lately, through the challenges and adversity, and through essentially pushing the "reset" button on some stuff:

Everything ALWAYS works out for our good!!

Honestly!! It may not be what we EXPECT, but it will always be for our GOOD!! <3

I'll be totally honest here... Sometimes, the hardest thing for me to do is to just TRUST the process! There are so many snags and hiccups and disruptions along the way, and it can be very discouraging sometimes!! I get it.

But there is HOPE!!

No matter what the challenges and frustrations, your persistence will yield great blessings and growth; hang in there!!

My son's absolute favorite movie right now is Zootopia. We introduced it to him this summer, and he is OBSESSED!! It's such a sweet movie, and it has an amazing message. I'm not going to spoil it for you, but let's just say, things don't work out exactly as the little bunny expected; they actually turned out BETTER as a result of all the hiccups and frustrations she had along the way!! If you haven't seen this movie yet, I would totally recommend it!!! <3

Your journey is going to be very similar, in many ways. 

Pick yourself back up and keep fighting, ESPECIALLY if things seem to be going in the exact OPPOSITE direction of what you were planning; The Divine must have something MUCH better in store for you!! 

The greatest victories arise from the greatest challenges and tribulations, after all. You're meant for greatness,, and the only way to obtain such is so persevere through the tough times. You can try to avoid the problems and downfalls as much as you want, but you will not grow toward your potential until you face them head-on and go THROUGH them! Here's one little reminder which helps me muster the courage to face some of the "scary" stuff:

Trials and tribulations are temporary, but YOU ARE ETERNAL!! Face those challenges head-on, KNOWING that you will outlast ANY challenge which lies ahead. Have confidence and TRUST that you will be given everything you'll need to overcome ANYTHING which comes up. Even when things seem to be falling apart, dig deeper, plug into your emotional, spiritual, and physical power sources, and you will find success!!


After all... Diamonds are only created by intense pressure over time. Your potential is solidifying and manifesting as the diamond YOU are meant to be through these "crazy random" experiences. ;) A friend of mine also shared some great insight about this:

"The best of the sailors happen to have survived the worst of the worst storms." -Becky Achieng.

So hang in there!! You're being refined, you're being strengthened, and you're being truly empowered as you overcome these challenges. Life IS supporting you, the process IS working, and the ONLY way to be defeated is to GIVE UP. 

You've got this. I believe in you!! <3