Being visible is AWESOME.


Let's face it.

Being visible online is KEY to your success. But as entrepreneurs, sometimes it can feel a bit intimidating to be "in the public eye" with all the Trolls and Haters out there. #creeps

But here's the truth: You CANNOT make an impact on the world if you're hiding in the shadows. Period. Nobody's going to hear your message if it's not being published and shared. Nobody's going to understand what you're capable of helping them work through unless you TELL them and SHOW them.

Sharing your story and being vulnerable can be SCARY!! "What will people think?" "What if this causes problems with so-and-so?" "What if, what if, WHAT IF???"



Think about this instead:

"What if I DON'T?"


How many people are going to miss out an an AMAZING opportunity, product, fresh start, WHATEVER, because you're too scared to step up??

The most selfish thing I've seen people do is refrain from sharing their ultimate message, because they're just trying to protect their own ego. Will your message frustrate and annoy some people? Yes. Will it be severely uncomfortable for others to hear? Absolutely. But that's on THEM, not you.

Because you know what? They need to be knocked out of their comfort zones, and YOU are the one to do it. How do I know? Because it's on YOUR heart!! YOU are capable of sharing whatever needs to be said!! If you aren't, you would NOT have that desire in your heart. I'm TELLING you. This is legit.


And here's what happens when you start stepping up to your potential and sharing what's on your heart:

  • You start to feel energized!! After sharing your heart in that Facebook Group or posting that video to YouTube, you're going to feel AWESOME!! (Yay!! You did it!!) This happens because you're in alignment with YOUR purpose, which naturally lights you up!!
  • Your action invites Divine Intervention to occur! You're 100% supported by your Creative Source (whoever/whatever you believe that to be) when you are taking action toward your heart's desires. THAT source placed those desires in your heart in the first place, and you will be supported in pursuing them!!
  • You start to see momentum building toward making your impact,especially as you start to receive feedback from those who are grateful and willing to receive.. "You really, really helped me with this, Thank you!" is one of the best messages to read, KNOWING that your message is making a difference for at least ONE person. <3

These types of feelings are worth every trial and inconvenience of being Visible in today's Social Media Market. Once you're clear on WHY you're wanting to do something, your visibility will launch you toward success. That fear you're feeling? Acknowledge it. Thank it for trying to keep you "safe." Then plow forward anyway!! You've GOT this!! You are SUPPORTED!! :D

What are YOUR favorite ways to be visible as an entrepreneur? :)

Share in the comments below!
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In the meantime, just focus on getting VISIBLE; You are supported in your dreams, and you will achieve amazing things once you've decided you're done living in the shadows of doubt, distraction, delusion, and depression.

You are WORTH it!! <3