Just because you CAN doesn't mean you SHOULD...


Having skill isn't enough; if you're not PASSIONATE, you're wasting your time!!

"You're so professional!" 
"You have excellent diction and grammar!"
"You would be amazing in a corporate position!"

These statements pretty much sum up the feedback I received while attending a Career Development Workshop several years ago. My husband had just lost his job, and at that point, I wasn't working. So I decided to attend this workshop and see what I would be most effective in pursuing until my husband could get back up on his feet.

I was flattered by the feedback and support, but at the same time, I was cringing... CORPORATE?? ME??? No way.... I wouldn't necessarily say that I have issues with authority, but... Okay, I have issues with authority. My first reaction when somebody tells me I "need" to do something is a defiant "WHY??" or "Who are YOU to tell me what I NEED to do?"

Attitude, much? Yeah... Sometimes... ;)

But the feedback I received wasn't unfounded; I can be very professional. I have very strong people skills. Managing an office staff or assisting some high-up leaders would be a very effective employment option for me. I can organize. I have awesome phone edict. I have been trained in film and theater acting, so no matter what my actual mood, I could come off (believably) as professional and pleasant.

But I didn't WANT to.

The thought of corporate hustle, demanding hours, constantly being under somebody else's boot...

No, thank you.

I wasn't passionate about corporate life, and being in such an environment would equate to stress, frustration, and severe drains on my energy and overall well-being. So in choosing to pursue such, I would be deterring my energy AWAY from that which brings DOES bring me joy and enthusiasm;

NOT my idea of success in life!!

So let's take some time today and reevaluate where your passions truly are. Do you love artistic endeavors? Do you prefer numbers? Do you love public speaking? Where and when do you feel like you're being the BEST version of yourself?

Whatever lights you up; DO THAT!!

Even if you don't necessarily have the skills yet!! Skills can be learned, but PASSION comes from the heart. Follow your heart, and you WILL be supported by your Divinity. That's when you're truly aligned with what you were INTENDED to do here, in this life. You will not just survive; you will THRIVE!! :D

What can you do TODAY which ignites your soul?? <3